Business Training

With today’s advanced technology, training is important. As an organization that values simplicity and intuitive use, SMART believes that using interactive whiteboards should be as simple as touching an icon to open a file, or picking up a pen to write notes over any application. And it is.

In the case of SMART’s products, however, simplicity doesn’t negate substance.

Two-Minute Tutorials
These quick, animated tutorials provide an introduction to working with SMART Board software.

Learning Path
Learn to use your SMART product with easy-to-use quick reference guides, hands-on practice exercises and two-minute tutorials, or follow the self-paced.

On-site Training
Arrange for us to come to your location to deliver a half-day or full-day SMART Master’s session on SMART products.

 Contact Schiller’s Training 
for more information about our training services at 800-366-7244. If you don’t see what you need, ask us about a customized solution or suggest materials that would be useful to you.