Training Materials for Macintosh Users

Printable Materials

Getting Started: Quick Reference Guides

The Basics (PDF 116 KB)
Learn how to orient the interactive whiteboard, control applications and write, erase and save notes using a SMART Board interactive whiteboard.

Getting Started with the Senteo Interactive Response System (PDF 82 KB)
Learn how to connect the receiver, turn on the clickers, name a classroom and begin using Senteo in Anonymous mode.

Hardware Basics for Front-Projection SMART Board™ Interactive Whiteboards (PDF 221 KB)
Learn about basic hardware components, such as the SMART Pen Tray and the Ready Light, for a better understanding about how your SMART Board interactive whiteboard works.

Hardware Basics for the SMART Board for Flat-Panel Displays Interactive Whiteboards (PDF 57 KB)
Learn about the basic hardware components for the SMART Board for Flat-Panel Displays interactive whiteboard such as the display control strip and SMART Pen Tray.

Notebook 10 – Hardware Basics (PDF 64 KB)

Notebook 10 – Orienting the SMART Board Interactive Whiteboard (PDF 61 KB)

Notebook 10 – SMART Board Interactive Whiteboard Basics (PDF 59 KB)

Notebook 10 – Senteo Getting Started (PDF 227 KB)

Notebook 10 – Welcome Center (PDF 128 KB)

Intermediate: Quick Reference Guides

SMART Board Tools (PDF 163 KB)
Learn how to access and use the SMART Board tools to help you operate your interactive whiteboard most effectively.

Notebook Software Toolbars (PDF 135 KB)
Access and use the tools in Notebook software’s toolbars.

The Floating Tools Toolbar (PDF 106 KB)
Access, use and customize the Floating Tools toolbar.

SMART Board Start Center (PDF 81 KB)
Access the most frequently used features in SMART Board Tools in just one click

Notebook 10 – Collecting and Sharing Content with Notebook Software (PDF 120 KB)

Notebook 10 – Floating Toolbar (PDF 93 KB)

Notebook 10 – SMART Learning Marketplace (PDF 157 KB)
Learn how to quickly find and integrate digital learning objects from the SMART Learning Marketplace into your Notebook software lessons.

Notebook 10 – SMART Tools (PDF 96 KB)

Notebook 10 – Toolbars (PDF 87 KB)

Notebook 10 – Working With Gallery (PDF 211 KB)

Hands-on Practice

Designing an Assessment Using the Senteo Interactive Response System and Notebook Software (PDF 174 KB)
In this Hands-on Practice you will learn how to prepare an assessment using Notebook software and Senteo assessment software. You will also learn how to deliver your assessment and to review and export your results.

SMART Board Interactive Whiteboard Basics (PDF 328 KB)
Using a SMART Board interactive whiteboard is as simple as learning to touch, write and save. When you’ve completed this exercise, you’ll be able to orient your SMART Board, use your finger as a mouse, use the On-Screen Keyboard and pens in the SMART Pen Tray, and capture and save your notes into Notebook Software.

Notebook Software in the Classroom (PDF 238 KB)
In this exercise, you’ll learn how to create a lesson with Notebook software. You will learn how to use page templates and content from the Gallery collections to produce interactive lessons you can reuse every time you teach the same unit.

Notebook Software in the Office (PDF 214 KB)
Learn how to use Notebook software to make a meeting template and interactive diagrams that you can use during presentations.

Notebook 10 – Basic Functionality (PDF 114 KB)

Notebook 10 – Lesson Plan Deliver (PDF 389 KB)

Notebook 10 – School Office (PDF 231 KB)

Notebook 10 – Senteo (PDF 281 KB)

Finding and Downloading Content wih the SMART Learning Marketplace and SMART Notebook software (PDF 165 KB)
Use the SMART Learning Marketplace to search for, download, save and manipulate digital learning content for use in SMART Notebook software.

Education and Conferencing Software:Quick Reference Guides

Use SMART’s education and conferencing software to interact with students or customers, and to present ideas in a way that engages everyone who is watching.

Using the Senteo Manager and Setting Up a Class List (PDF 64KB)
Learn about the Senteo Manager, and discover how to create a class list, or import an existing class list, to begin delivery of a formal assessment with the Senteo interactive response system

Bridgit Conferencing Software – Basics (PDF 231 KB)

Bridgit Conferencing Software – Special Features (PDF 192 KB)