The Front Projection SMART Board Interactive Whiteboard Learning Path

Module One – The Basics

Read these materials
Hardware Basics for Front Projection SMART Board Interactive Whiteboards (PDF 47 KB)
Learn about basic hardware components, such as the SMART Pen Tray and the ready light, for a better understanding about how your SMART Board interactive whiteboard works.

SMART Board Interactive Whiteboard Basics (PDF 59 KB)
Learn how to orient the interactive whiteboard, control applications and write, erase and save notes using a SMART Board interactive whiteboard.

Watch this Two-Minute Tutorial
Touch, Write and Save (1.4 MB)
This tutorial is a quick introduction to the basics of SMART Board software. You will see how to launch an application with your finger, write on the interactive whiteboard and save your notes.

Hands-On Practice
Basic Functionality (PDF 294 KB)
Using a SMART Board interactive whiteboard is as simple as learning to touch, write and save. When you’ve completed this exercise, you’ll be able to orient your SMART Board interactive whiteboard, use your finger as a mouse, use the On-Screen Keyboard and pens in the SMART Pen Tray, and capture and save your notes into Notebook software.

Module Two – Using Existing Material On A SMART Board Interactive Whiteboard

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Using Microsoft Office Applications with SMART Board Software (PDF 43 KB)
Use Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint software with your SMART brand product.

Watch these Two-Minute Tutorials
PowerPoint Software(1.4 MB)
This tutorial provides a quick overview of how to use PowerPoint software on a SMART Board interactive whiteboard. You will learn how to navigate through PowerPoint slides and how you can make notes to focus your audience’s attention.

Ink Aware(3.3 MB)
This tutorial provides an overview of additional features available in Microsoft Word and Excel software when they are used on a SMART Board interactive whiteboard.

Hands-On Practice
Using Microsoft PowerPoint Software on a SMART Board Interactive Whiteboard (PDF 671 KB)
When you use PowerPoint software on a SMART Board interactive whiteboard, you can focus the attention of your audience by making notes to clarify your point or to record feedback during your presentation. In this exercise, you’ll learn how to use your finger as a mouse, navigate through a slide show, emphasize key points, and record and save notes in PowerPoint software.

Ink Aware and Microsoft Word in the Classroom (PDF 160 KB)
Use Microsoft Word to discuss quizzes and tests with your whole class. Learn how to convert handwriting to text or save your notes directly into your document as an image.

Module Three – Using Notebook Software

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Notebook Software version 9.5 Toolbars (PDF 80 KB)
Access and use the tools in Notebook software’s toolbars.

Working with Notebook Software Gallery Collections (PDF 154 KB)
Create rich graphic content with Notebook Gallery Collections.

Collecting and Sharing Content with Notebook Software (PDF 145 KB)
Quickly import and export content with Notebook software.

Watch these Two-Minute Tutorials
Notebook Software Basics (1.3 MB)
This tutorial provides an overview of the Notebook software interface, writing in Notebook software and converting handwriting to typed text.

Objects In Notebook Software (1.5 MB)
Watch this tutorial to see how to create, select, move, resize and rotate objects in Notebook software.

The Notebook Software Gallery (1.5 MB)
Learn how to use the Notebook software Gallery Collections to help you develop and enhance presentations with rich graphical content.

The Notebook Software Page Sorter (1.8 MB)
Learn how to create a new page, drag an object from one page to another, name pages and change the page order in your file.

Hands-On Practice
Notebook Software in the Classroom (PDF 251 KB)
In this exercise, you’ll learn how to create a lesson with Notebook software. You will learn how to use page templates and content from the Gallery collections to produce interactive lessons you can reuse every time you teach the same unit.

Module Four – SMART Board Tools And Notebook Software Activities

Read these materials
SMART Board Tools (PDF 163 KB)
Learn how to access and use the SMART Board Tools to help you operate your interactive whiteboard more effectively.

The Floating Tools Toolbar (PDF 80 KB)
Access, use and customize the Floating Tools toolbar.

SMART Board Start Center (PDF 78 KB)
Access the most frequently used features in SMART Board Tools in just one click.

Watch this Two-Minute Tutorial
Other SMART Tools(3.5 MB)
These tools offer a selection of features that will assist you when presenting with a SMART brand product.

Read this material
Notebook Activity Guide (PDF 348 KB)
The Notebook software activity guide is intended to act as a reference of the best practices for creating and presenting lesson activities using Notebook software.