Schiller’s knows that you want the very best for your teaching staff. That is why we’ve hired an outstanding educator to serve as our trainer and educational consultant. She brings her classroom experience and knowledge of technology to your teachers in a fun and engaging format. Let us help you unlock the secrets of SMART’s two platforms of software, SMART Amp and SMART Notebook.

Meet our Education Consultant: Leslie Lincoln
-SMART Certified Education Consultant
-SMART Certified Trainer – Notebook 10, 11, 14 & 15 for Windows, Mac and Response Assessment Software

Leslie comes to us with a long history of classroom teaching. With over twenty years of classroom and administrative experience, she has the skills necessary to train your team. Leslie uses effective communication skills, integrating technology, higher order thinking skills, and a discovery approach to make learning fun and memorable. She knows that engaging students in the learning process is a key to classroom success.

Recognized as a Middle School Teacher of the Year for Allen Parish in Louisiana, Leslie will bring quality ideas for using technology in the classroom to your teachers built on sound teaching principles. Leslie is not a “techy” person who will speak in such a way as to alienate your teachers. Leslie speaks their language and has learned to incorporate technology to take her teaching to a new generation of digital natives.

Leslie’s background includes teaching in a variety of grade levels and subject disciplines, although the majority of her experience has been in the field of language arts. Many of her students have won awards for their writing. One of Leslie’s sixth grade students was recognized as the Middle School Writer of the Year in a competition of 6th, 7th and 8th graders for the entire state of Colorado. Some have had their works published in student anthologies.

Leslie served as a high school principal of a private institution, Living Stones Christian School, in Texas for several years. During that time, Leslie worked with staff training, development and evaluation. Leslie also served as Title One director on a school level for Reeves High School in Louisiana, bringing a school from “at risk” to exemplary. Leslie encouraged her staff to move toward cutting-edge technology.

Leslie holds teaching licenses in Louisiana, Texas, Colorado and Illinois. Leslie is a SMART Certified Consultant and Trainer in Notebook Software (Windows and Mac) and SMART Response. Leslie is Spalding certified as well.

Leslie’s upbeat, positive momentum and easy teaching style are sure to engage and inspire your teachers so that they can successfully implement technology in their own classrooms.