Added Value Through Consultation

Put your teachers on the fast track to success!

More than just a trainer…our Education Consultant (EC) spent over 20 years in the classroom and in administration. She knows what works and how to make your technology budget reach its maximum potential.

At Schiller’s, the EC is here to provide pre-sale and post-sale consultation in the form of teaching, supporting and providing guidance for teachers, administrators, and technology decision makers in K-12 education. If you need someone to help guide you with the costly decisions of implementing new technology, our EC can recommend the best product and implementation for your specific needs. She can help by presenting new technology to your decision makers for adoption. This complimentary service is provided to our valued customers.

Planning Professional Development for technology can be challenging. Our EC can help by providing direction and working as a partner to offer solutions. Provisions include:

• Presentations of strength of product for decision makers
• Short-term and long-term planning for professional development
• Product placement and implementation
• Assistance in evaluating teaching staff’s current knowledge of whiteboarding software as novice, intermediate or advanced users, and follow through with a developmental plan to bring the team to the Exemplary status
• Service as a resource for administrators and staff by helping with user groups, conference and links to technology resources and websites

Our professional development plans will not overwhelm your teachers, but will assure positive and consistent growth. More than just button pushing, she will show genuine classroom applications that your teachers can start using tomorrow. She can be a resource for problem solving and help by alleviating the fear new users commonly have.